1 Hour Headshot Session

In Studio: £95

On Location: £120

(for corporate clients needing multiple sittings, please contact me for a tailored quote)

You will receive 3 hi-resolution images from a headshot session and it usually takes no longer than 2 days after you have made your selection for the images to be ready.

How Does the Process Work?

1. Consultation

Initial consultation via Skype / Facetime (or if you are local, we can meet up for a coffee) where we can discuss your requriement and agree on when and where the session will take place.

2. Photography

Once all the equipment is set up, we will spend 1 hour shooting your headshots. During this time, you can quickly change outfits if needed and we can alter the background to give you some variety.

3. Selection

A few days after the shoot, I will cull all the images and present several 'proof' images for you to make your final selections from. You can select upto 3 images from any one session.

4. Editing

Once you have selected your 3 images, I will edit these to make sure they shine. I don't go overboard here and any editing I do is 'light touch' aiming to enhance not change the photo dramatically. This process usually takes a day.

5. Approval

You will get a chance to review the finally edited images and suggest changes you would like. Once you are totally happy, the imags will be finally pepared for delivery.

6. Delivery

Your final 3 hi-resolution JPEG images will be deilvered to you electronically and without watermarks via my online client delivery system.